About Marble Falls

Lake Marble Falls

General Facts

  • Founded: By General Adam R "Stovepipe" Johnson on July 12, 1887
  • Incorporated: May 18, 1907
  • Population:  7,300
  • Size: 16.33 square miles
  • County: Burnet
  • Location: Marble Falls is located in the middle of the Texas Hill Country on the Colorado River, 58 miles northwest of downtown Austin, 85 miles north of San Antonio, in the middle of the Highland Lakes area, the largest chain of lakes in Texas.

Where did the name Marble Falls originate?

Marble Falls sits on the banks of Lake Marble Falls. The falls were formed by a shelf of limestone running diagonally across the river from northeast to southwest. The upper layer of limestone, brownish on the exterior, but deep blue inside, was so hard and cherry it was mistaken for marble. The falls were actually three distinct formations at the head of a canyon 1.25 miles long, with a drop of some 50 feet through the limestone strata.

The natural lake was covered when the Colorado River was dammed with the completion of Max Starcke Dam in 1951. Lake Marble Falls sits between Lake LBJ to the north and Lake Travis to the south. The falls for which the City is named are now underwater, but are revealed every few years when the lake is lowered by the Lower Colorado River Authority for repairs.


Property in Burnet County is appraised at market value by the Burnet Central Appraisal District. The City of Marble Falls, Burnet County and the Marble Falls Independent School District exempt inventories held for under 175 days and exported from the State of Texas. This "Triple Freeport" exemption applies to all locations and industrial parks in the City of Marble Falls.

2018 Property Tax Rates (Per $100 Assessed Value)

  • City of Marble Falls – *$.6150
  • *Interest and Sinking Fund $.3671
  • *Maintenance and Operations $.2479
  • Burnet County- $.3483
  • Burnet County Special – $.0417
  • Central Texas Groundwater – $.0080
  • Marble Falls ISD – $1.2666
  • Total Rate $2.2816

Sales Tax

  • City Sales Tax Rate – 2.00%
  • State Sales Tax Rate – 6.25%
  • Total Rate – 8.25%

Sales Tax Exemption

  • Groceries
  • Prescriptions

Corporate or Personal Income Tax

  • None in Texas

State Franchise Tax

  • 4.50%/2.50% - per $1,000 net taxable income/taxable capital
  • Texas has no corporate or personal income tax

Demographic and Economic Information

Median Housing Costs - $185,063
Unemployment Rate: 1.48%

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Marble Falls area temperatures are moderate year-round. The climate is warm in the summers, but cooled by the lakes and hills in the region. Winters are mild and outdoor activities such as golf and tennis can be played throughout the year.

  • Average Daily Summer Temperature – 85°F
  • Average Daily Winter Temperature – 55°F
  • Average Yearly Snowfall – Trace
  • Average Yearly Rainfall – 30 inches
  • Average Relative Humidity – 40%


  • Average elevation – 823 feet
  • Longitude – 30.34
  • Latitude – 98.17
  • City of Marble Falls Land Area – 15.83 square miles
  • Burnet County Land Area – 1,021 square miles

Tourism and Visitor Information

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