City Secretary

Public Service and Information
The City Secretary's Office serves as the link between the citizens and their government, providing quick courteous service and easy access to information.

The City Secretary's Office serves the Mayor and the City Council, all administrative departments, and the public.  


The City Secretary's Office is called upon to provide information about the community, maintain the record of ordinances and laws of the City, prepare and distribute City Council agenda materials, and attend City Council Meetings and prepare the official minutes of actions taken.  


The City Secretary serves as the election administrator for Municipal Elections and coordinates and administers each regular and special Municipal Election.

Public Information

As the Public Information Officer, the City Secretary is responsible for providing documents requested under the Public Information Act.

Other Responsibilities

Other areas of responsibility of the City Secretary's Office include:
  • Gives notice, attends and keeps minutes of various city board and commission meetings
  • Monitors the terms and attendance of all boards and commissions
  • Oversees publications and postings of legal notices
  • Preserves and provides access to the City's official and historical records
  • Processes contracts and agreements
  • Processes all liens and lien releases
  • Receives and secures sealed bids
  • Maintains the City's Code of Ordinances
  • Prepares proclamations for the Mayor

Training and Certification

Christina McDonald received her Texas Registered Municipal Clerk (TRMC) Certification from the Texas Municipal Clerks Association through the University of North Texas in January 2001. She has served as City Secretary since February 1997.