Public Works

What We Do

The Public Works Department keeps the city running. Day and night, our crews are maintaining city roads, providing clean water, maintaining signals and managing stormwater.


Our department is responsible for Marble Falls':

  • Streets, Bridges, and Drainage
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Water distribution lines and Wastewater collection lines.
  • Water & Wastewater Master Plan

Other Important Contacts

Water bill and garbage service: City Finance/Utilities (830)693-3615

Electric Service: Pedernales Electric Co-op (PEC) (830)693-5525

Gas Service: Atmos 888-286-6700

In the event of a Public Works emergency after hours, please contact the Marble Falls Police Department at (830)693-3611

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Did You Know...?

Purple Pipe reuse water will save the City of Marble Falls over 15-million gallons of potable water annually. Check out our YouTube video to see what we are doing.