Streets / Drainage

The Street Department progressively works to improve and maintain 68.5 miles of streets and drainage infrastructure. 

The department consists of a supervisor and nine employees, Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the maintenance of all city streets and street signs, mowing of right-of-ways and storm sewer maintenance. The Street Department's responsibilities also include the annual residential spring clean-up where the community is able to dispose of their unwanted items, preparation and clean-up for special events, such as the Chili Cook-Off, Market Days and other events within the community. 

Goals & Objectives

  • Support other departments
  • Evaluate drainage systems and repair as needed
  • Make necessary repairs to streets and Right-Of-Ways
  • Maintain Right-Of-Ways with regard to debris, grass, and weeds
  • Develop a five-year strategic plan

Accomplished in 2022

  • Reconstruction
    • Johnson from Ave. N to Ave. S, 2045' with curb and gutter (grade F)
  • Level-up and chip seal 
    • 3070', Bluebonnet from Terrace to 281 (grade D)
    • 1500', 3rd St. from Ave. D to Hwy 281 (grade D)
    •  2240', Lakeshore Dr. adding a sidewalk on Trinity to Pecan Valley to Johnson Park (grade D)
    • 1135', South Ave. L from Johnson St. to Colorado Dr. (grade F)
    •  4180', Park View from Mustang Ridge to Stonehenge (grade C)
    • 1200', Johnson from Pecan Valley to Ave. N (grade F)
    • 1080', Kings Rd. (grade C)
  • Liquid asphalt 
    • 1550', Main St. from Yett to 4th St. (grade C)
    • 2000', Amy Cr. (grade C)
    • 3200', La Ventana to Bendito to Corazon to Max Starcke Dam Rd (grade C)
  • Creek and drainage restoration
    • Mission Hill to Hwy 1431
  • Programs Maintained
    • street sign change out
    • herbicide
    • street sweeping
    • street striping
    • crack seal

Plan to Accomplish in 2023

  • Continued Programs
    • creek & drainage restoration
    • herbicide
    • street sign change out
    • street sweeping
    • street striping
    • crack seal
    • sidewalks