What is H.B. 914?
H.B. 914 is a new state law that requires members of the City Council and the City Manager to file a conflicts disclosure statement regarding their relationships with city vendors (including bidders and potential vendors). The new law also requires any vendor who contracts or seeks to contract with the city for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services (including a bidder on a city contract) must file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire regarding the vendor’s business relationships, if any, with council members or the City Manager.

The law also applies to the board and chief executive of a local government corporation with respect to contracts of the corporation, and to vendors and potential vendors with the corporation. The new law requires the conflicts statements and questionnaires to be filed beginning on January 1, 2006. H.B 914 is codified Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code.

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1. What is H.B. 914?
2. Who is a local government officer for purposes of H.B 914?
3. Who is a city vendor for purposes of H.B 914?
4. When must a local government officer file a conflicts disclosure statement?
5. How is the 12 month period calculated with respect to the gifts threshold?
6. What does H.B. 914 mean by "a family member of a local government officer?"
7. When are conflicts disclosure statements and questionnaires filed, and what is the deadline for filing?
8. Where can I get a form?
9. What is the penalty for failing to file?
10. Where should vendors go for assistance?