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Downtown Marble Falls Farmer's Market Application

  1. Physical Address (Where the product is produced)
  2. Vendor Type*
    Please select one of the following.
  3. Is your product produced within 150miles of Marble Falls?*
  4. Are you operating under the Cottage Food Law? *
  5. Vendors are responsible for complying with state, county and city regulations governing sale of your product. Check and provide copies of all licenses that apply:*
  6. Please list items to be sold and approximate dates of season or availability. Vendors may only sell what is listed here. If vendors wish to add new products at any time, please submit the list of items via email to the Market Manager.
  7. If you need special assistance of any kind to participate in the market, please request specific accommodations here, or contact the Farmer’s Market Manager.
  8. Agreement
    In consideration of being provided selling space at any Downtown Marble Falls Farmers' Market I, the undersigned, have read and agree to comply and abide by the terms defined in the Downtown Marble Falls Farmers Market Rules and Regulations which outlines the terms of my participation as Member of the Marble Falls Farmers Market. I understand and agree to the outlined Fees associated with the Farmers Market. I agree that my booth will sell only the approved items that have been listed in the above application and that I am responsible for the quality and safety of what I sell. I understand that I may be barred from participation if the Downtown Marble Falls Farmers Market’s Rules are violated. I shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of Marble Falls, Market agents, servants, employees, and volunteers from and against any and all loss, damages, liability, claims, suits, costs, and expenses, whatsoever, including reasonable attorneys' fees, regardless of the merit or outcome of any such claim or suit, arising from or in any manner connected to the willful misconduct or negligent acts, errors, or omissions of Seller, its agents and employees, in connection with Seller's participation in the Downtown Marble Falls Farmers' Market and in the performance of services, work or activities under this Agreement and the Downtown Marble Falls Farmers' Market current Vendor Rules.
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