Short-Term Rental Registration

Short-Term Rental registration is required for all short-term rentals located in residential zoning districts.  Payment of Hotel Occupany Tax is required when operating a short-term rental.

The City of Marble Falls defines Short-Term Rentals (STR's) as rental of a residential premise, or portion thereof, for lodging accomodations to occupants for a period of less than thirty (30) consectutive days.  

The purpose of the STR Ordinance is to establish regulations for use of single family residential dwellings as Short-Term Rentals, to minimize negative ancillary impact on surrounding properties, and to ensure the collection and payment of Hotel Occupancy Tax.

The City Council passed Ordinance 2021-O-11A on November 16, 2021 regarding Short-Term Rentals within the City of Marble Falls requiring Short-Term Rental (STR) Operators to obtain a permit from the City.   

Register your Short-Term Rental

Renew an existing Short-Term Rental Permit

Pay Hotel Occupancy Tax

The new program also provides a hotline neighbors can use to report short-term rentals that may not be compliant with local rules, and file complaints about problematic activities and conditions, such as excessive noise, illegal parking, or overflowing trash.  

24/7 Complaint Hotline:  830-266-7212
Online Complaint Form

Questions may be directed to Christina McDonald, City Secretary at or the Director of Finance Jeff Lazenby at or (830) 693-3615.

Short Term Rental