COVID-19 Vaccine information

The City of Marble Falls is not distributing or administering COVID-19 Vaccines.  However, a waitlist for the COVID-19 Vaccine has been established for Burnet County.

Atkins Pharmacy
Marble Falls Office of Emergency Management is assisting Atkins Pharmacy. Please email Atkins Pharmacy at to register by including your name, date of birth and a contact phone number.  

Once vaccines are available, we do not know when that will be, you will receive an email notification with a sign-up link. If you have already emailed Atkins then there is nothing else to do. 

Once an individual has received the first dose of the vaccine, Atkins Pharmacy will contact you to administer the second dose.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center
Baylor Scott & White has been named as a vaccine hub by the Department of State Health Services. Those elgible (*Groups 1A and 1B) for a COVID-19 Vaccine can call 1-844-279-8222 to set up an appointment. Individuals on the state's COVID-19 Vaccine eligibility list can also register through Baylor Scott & White's website (MyBSWHealth).

MyBSWHealth is open to all Texans and is the easiest way to be notified of availability of vaccine appointments, if eligible and as supply allows.  To create an account, text BETTER to 88408 or visit

For more information on the vaccine at Baylor Scott & White Health, including frequently asked questions, visit their dedicated vaccination page at

*Group 1A:  Front-line healthcare workers and residents at long-term care facilities.
*Group 1B: People over the age of 65 or with a chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk for servere illness from COVID-19.


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