City Council

Our Vision for Marble Falls

Approved by the City Council - August 4, 2015.

  • The City of Marble Falls enjoys an appropriate mix of adequate affordable housing (owner occupied or well maintained rental) which attracts a well trained and skilled workforce (retail, service and hospitality) leading to "next -level" retail establishments locating here.
  • Connectivity in Mable Falls is excellent with well-planned and well maintained roadways.
  • Neighborhoods in Mable Falls have vitality and are well maintained.
  • The Quality of Life amenities in Marble Falls are second to none, with parks, hike and bike trails, walkable connected sidewalks, waterfront development, new convention center, lake utilization (public access) and age appropriate recreational opportunities.
  • Marble Falls provides modern professional municipal services that are consistently ranked as "top tier".
  • Municipal facilities in Marble Falls are superior, including public safety and city hall.
  • The City of Marble Falls is an employer of choice in the surrounding region, with competitive wages, benefits and schedules.
  • Marble Falls is a well governed, ethical organization that provides excellent customer service.  Debt is a appropriate levels (50% of property taxes by 2025) with a sustainable mix of revenues.  The tax base is growing that allows for a decrease in the near term reliance on the sales taxes.
  • Marble Falls both appropriately plans and executes the plan with a balance between maintaining what it currently enjoys and what it wants to attract.
Mayor John Packer
John Packer
 Elected May 2015
Serving Second Term
Magerkurth, Craig Council Place 1
Craig Magerkurth
Elected May 2016
Serving Second Term

Council Place 2
Dave Rhodes
Elected May 2017
Serving First Term
Haddock, William(Dee)
Council Place 3
William (Dee) Haddock
Elected May 2018
Serving 1st Term
Merrill, Celia
Council Place 4
Celia Merrill
Elected May 2018
Serving Unexpired Term

 Council Place 5
Richard Westerman
Elected May 2016
Serving Second Term

Council Place 6