City of Marble Falls – MyPermitNow Software Launch
The City of Marble Falls is pleased to announce the launch of MyPermitNow software (also known as MyGovernmentOnline) on November 3, 2014.  The software will greatly enhance City development services relating to permitting/inspections, and improve the customer experience of contractors, developers, and residents.  The website is live and available at by utilizing the Customer Portal, and selecting Marble Falls as the jurisdiction.

Users will have the ability to:
Apply for Permits Online
 (i.e. Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Fences, etc.) 
Pay Fees Online
Submit Plans “Paperless” in PDF Format
Track Application Progress up to Permit Issuance
Print Copies of Your Permit(s) Any Time
Print Reviewed Building Plans 
Request Inspections Online
View and Print Completed Inspection Reports 
Receive Real-Time E-mail Notifications When an
Inspection is Completed
Submit Code Violation Complaints via the Solution Center

Please take the time to download a copy of the MyPermitNow customer portal instruction document here.  Creation of a customer portal account is required to utilize MyPermitNow. You may create your free customer portal account as soon as possible.  If you have an existing account, simply utilize Marble Falls as the jurisdiction for your submittal and/or request.  

MyPermitNow Customer Portal

Once your account is established, the MyPermitNow software will allow you to begin applying for your permits online rather than traveling to the Development Services office.  Please note that any documents required with an application (i.e. Building Plans, construction documents, site plans, Rescheck, etc.) must be uploaded in PDF format when submitting your online application. A computer is available for customer use at the Development Services office to submit an online application.  The MyPermitNow software will replace any faxed or mailed submittals to the City, requiring the submittal to be made through MyPermitNow. Customers will still have the ability to apply for permits in person. If you choose to apply in person, simply bring the supporting documents in PDF format on CD or USB drive to upload.

When requesting inspections online, you as the requester have the capability of requesting the time and date of your inspection, however we do require 24 hour notice prior to the requested inspection. Our inspectors will enter inspection results in the field to ensure you receive your inspection result via e-mail or through the customer portal in near real-time.

If you need any assistance pertaining to the use of the MyPermitNow software, please call the technical support line at 1.866.957.3764, option 1 for assistance. Agents can assist with any software related questions. Customer support is also available from the Development Services staff 830.798.7095.