Your Comments Are Important To Us

The Development Services Department for the City of Marble Falls welcomes your comments and feedback. We are genuinely committed to looking for ways of improving service to our residents, businesses, and visitors. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional and courteous customer service, and we can only improve with your help. Please let us know when we did something right, so we can be sure to do it again, and when you have encountered a problem or poor service, so we can develop solutions that better serve you.

  • What are we doing that you like?
  • What improvements to our services should we be making?
  • Did you get the information you were looking for?
  • Did you get it in a timely, friendly manner?
  • Is there a better way for us to serve you?
Please share your comments with us by emailing Valerie Kreger, Director of Development Services, or by calling 830-798-7080.

Thank you for your help.