Wildfire Safety

It's not a question of if, but when the next major wildland fire will occur. Through advance planning, understand ing and preparation, we can all be partners in the wildland fire solution. We hope you find these tips helpful in creating heightened awareness and a more fire-safe environment for you, your family and firefighters.

Ready Set Go from the International Fire Chiefs Association

American Red Cross Wildfire Preparedness

Ready.gov Wildfire Information

FEMA Wildfire Guide

The following video series looks at the four essential steps to combating wildfires. Interviews of responders to the 2011 wildfires and video of those fires show viewers the importance of preventing wildfire. The series also highlights how homeowners and communities can prepare for when wildfire occurs and how they can better respond and recover from wildfire.


Wildfire Preparedness Check List
The more “yes” answers you have, the more prepared you are in the event of a
wildfire threat.
  1. The House
  2. Around the House
  3. Access
  4. Water Supply
The House

Fire-resistant roof i.e. metal, tile, composition

Non-flammable siding materials

Home is located down-slope

Wooden deck facing or overhanging level ground

Large glass windows, facing level ground

Deck, porch, vents or house screened to keep sparks out

Chimney extending above the roofline

Chimney spark arrester in place

Roof and gutters clean of debris