Downtown Master Plan

Cities across the country are dedicated to developing thriving downtown's, and the City of Marble Falls is no exception. 

Value is placed on building a sense of community. City Staff works closely with developers to help plan new projects, and continue to partner with the Economic Development Corporation to identify resources and assist with urban design projects.

The Planning division researches the strategies that work best for today’s down towns and apply what fits best with the Marble Falls community.

Projects that have helped facilitate the development of Historic Downtown Marble Falls as a destination include:
  • Adoption of the Downtown Master Plan
  • Consistent standards for Downtown City Projects (sidewalks, street lights, landscaping, etc.)
  • Wayfinding Sign Project 
    • Wayfinding Design Manual (In progress)
  • Economic Development Corporation (EDC)
    • Downtown real estate acquisition and potential development project
2011 Downtown Master Plan Cover Page