Zoning regulates and restricts the use, size, height and density of buildings and other structures; the percentage of lots that may be occupied; the density of population; and the location and use of the buildings, structures, and land for trade, industry, residences, and other purposes. 

Zoning districts  have been established to promote compatible patterns of land use within the City of Marble Falls. Listed below are zoning districts adopted by the City of Marble Falls.
Zoning Map
Marble Falls Zoning Districts 
 R-1 Single-Family District
 RA-1 Single-Family Attached District
 RE-1 Single-Family Estates District
 R-2 Duplex District
 RT-3  Residential Townhouse District
 R-3 Condo-Townhouse District
 R-4 Medium Density And Apartment District
 R-5 High Density Apartment District
 MH-1 Manufactured Housing District
 MH-2 Mobile Home Park District
 MH-3 Mobile Home District
 C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District
 C-3 General Commercial District
 MSD Main Street District
 I-1 Industrial Park District
 I-2 Limited Industrial Services District
 I-3 General Industrial Services District
 BI-1 Business/Industrial Park District
 MU-1 Mixed Use
 AG Agriculture District
 PDD Planned Development District
For more detailed information on these districts, refer to the City's Land Use Ordinance here.

For zoning verification, please contact the Development Services Department.