Specialized Detail

Bike Patrol
The Marble Falls Police Department's Bicycle Patrol is a community policing program that utilizes sworn officers with other permanent assignments to provide additional high-intensity patrol as needed by the department.

The Marble Falls Police Department currently has four bicycles available for patrol. Two of the bicycles are 24-speed K2 Zed mountain bikes and two are 24-speed Mercedes Benz mountain bikes which were graciously donated by Mercedes-Benz of Austin. The bicycles are equipped for day or night operation and have cargo containers for various police equipment.

Bike Patrol is utilized for a variety of reasons to include extra patrol for the local business during the holiday season, neighborhoods during Halloween, Main Street Market Days, Lake Fest, and for Spring Fest. In the absence of a special event, Bike Patrol Officers are responsible for patrolling local businesses to enforce any parking violations and deter theft. They may also be assigned to high crime areas to provide low profile assistance to patrol.

In its continuing efforts toward community policing, the Marble Falls Police Department takes pride in the bike patrol program and the officers that participate.
Boat Patrol
The Marble Falls Police Department's Marine Safety Division protects recreational users by providing law enforcement on Lake Marble Falls. The Marine Safety Division combines enforcement and education to ensure safety and maintain quality recreational opportunities for every citizen and guest of The City of Marble Falls. The Marine Safety Patrol treats every contact during the season as an educational opportunity for the boater. The Marine Unit’s primary goals are to educate the boating public, promote boating safety, and enforce marine laws. Since establishing the Marble Falls Police Department Marine Safety Patrol, the marine unit has been actively patrolling the Colorado River (Lake Marble Falls) conducting safety checks, providing free educational materials, and enforcing boating violations.
Emergency Services Unit (ESU)
The mission of the Emergency Services Unit is to support the other divisions within the department, and any other law enforcement agency requesting a tactical response to a critcal incident. The goal of the unit is to accomplish each mission without injury or death resulting from the unit’s intervention. Critical incidents include but are not limited to: hostage situations, barricaded subjects, sniper/active shooter scenarios, high-risk warrant service, and other incidents requiring tactics or equipment outside the normal operational capabilities of other divisions within the department.

Established in 1998, the Emergency Services Unit has responded to barricaded subjects, suspect apprehension, and search/arrest warrant service within the City of Marble Falls on numerous occasions. Additionally the team has supported, assisted, or acted in cooperation with many outside agencies including: Burnet County Sheriff’s Office, Llano County Sheriff’s Office, San Saba County Sheriff’s Office, Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office, Horseshoe Bay Police Department, 33rd Judicial District Special Operations Unit (SOU), Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The Emergency Services Unit consists of a Captain (who is responsible for administrative oversight), a team command er, and several team members. All team members are permanently assigned to other divisions within the department for day-to-day duties and are “called out” as required to respond to critical incidents. Every member participates in periodic and recurring in-house training on the specialized tactics, equipment, and weapons necessary to accomplish each of the team’s missions. In addition, team members are sent to outside training sources for expert training in many specialized areas.

Questions or comments regarding our Emergency Services Unit may be directed to the Lieutenant of Patrol, who currently has administrative oversight responsibility for the team. Please note that due to safety and operational security concerns, questions regarding manpower, training, equipment, tactics, and weapons may not be answered with specificity.