Patrol Division


Consisting of a Captain, four Sergeants, and 12 Patrol Officers: Patrol is the primary and most visible division of the Marble Falls Police Department.

Patrol is a 24-7 uniformed position that responds to calls for service both emergency and non-emergency. Patrol Officers are community-oriented and proactive. These men and women follow the mission statements of the city and police department. They strive for the highest level of professionalism. They provide equal enforcement of federal, state, and local laws. Some of the patrol duties are listed below.

Primary Duties

  • Patrolling residential and business areas
  • Investigating suspicious incidents and persons
  • Performing preliminary investigations
  • Traffic enforcement and collision investigation
  • Arresting violators suspected of committing a crime

Additional Duties

  • Stationary radar for speed and traffic level studies
  • Communicating with other departments of the city to ensure street lights, debris, and other items are maintained
  • Community Events and Public Relations to include reading at the library, and attending school functions, walk-throughs, security checks, and close patrols


  • New and lateral Officers go through a Field Training Program. A coordinator runs the program and has four Field Training Officers.
  • In-service training is put on yearly to keep our Officers at the top of their profession.
  • A majority of our Officers are Mental Health Officers and use this training to interact with mental health consumers.
  • Two firearms instructors strive to make sure our officers know the latest tactics for the use of their weapons. They train throughout the year not just to pass qualifications but ensure officers are confident with their weapons.
  • Each officer receives 40 hours a year of training to hone their specific skills (accident, family violence, tactics, etc.)
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