Criminal Investigations Division

At the direction of Assistant Chief Trisha Ratliff, the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of one Captain, one Detective Sergeant, two Detectives, one School Resource Sergeant, four School Resource Officers, one Narcotics Officer, one Crime Scene Technician, and one Records Clerk.

Division personnel bring a wealth of diversified police experience to the job and are highly trained and well equipped to conduct hundreds of criminal investigations each year. Special areas of training include but are not limited to, Homicide Investigation, Child Abuse Investigation, Sexual Assault and Family Violence, Computer & Digital Forensic Investigation, Background Investigation, Sex Offender Registration, Crime Scene Forensics, Property & Evidence Room Management, and Records Management.


The Captain is charged with ensuring that each specialized unit of the division has the tools and training necessary to perform with efficiency and professionalism.

  1. Cole_Jimmy

    Jimmy Cole

    CID Captain

Detective Sergeant

The Detective Sergeant is charged with the coordination of criminal investigations and case assignment to detectives and other specialized officers.

  1. Tutor_Michael

    Michael Tutor

    Detective Sergeant


Detectives are charged with the investigation of crimes occurring within the jurisdiction of the Marble Falls Police Department, including crimes against persons, crimes against children, property crimes, and financial crimes.

  1. Dulaney_Scott

    Scott Dulaney


  1. DuCoty_Connor

    Connor DuCoty

    CID Officer

School Resource Sergeant

The School Resource Sergeant is charged with supervision of the school resource program to ensure student and faculty safety at all MFISD Campuses.

  1. Boucher_Justin

    Justin Boucher

    School Resource Sergeant

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers are responsible for the safety of students and faculty, as well as crime prevention programs at all MFISD Campuses.

  1. McIntyre_Tim

    Tim McIntyre

    School Resource Officer

  1. DeHart_Lukas

    Lukas DeHart

    School Resource Officer

  1. Koch_Kevin

    Kevin Koch

    School Resource Officer

  1. Curtis_side

    Chad Curtis

    School Resource Officer

Evidence & Property Management

The Crime Scene Technician is responsible for evidence collection, analysis, preservation, and disposition.

  1. Baldree_Rachel

    Rachel Baldree

    Crime Scene / Evidence Technician

Records Management

The Records Clerk ensures secure storage of all case files, distributes police reports as required by TPIA, and coordinates submission of cases to prosecutors.

  1. Rodriguez_Ashley

    Ashley Rodriguez

    Records Clerk