Hotel  Motel Tax Advisory Committee


The City collects a 7% Hotel Occupancy Tax from hotels, motels, inns and bed and breakfast establishments in the City. Chapter 352 of the Tax Code outlines what the tax funds may be used for. Funding is used to support qualified events/activities and facilities. The Committee reviews all funding applications and makes recommendations to the City Council.


  • Twice a year or as needed.

Agendas and Minutes


There are 7 members serving 2-year terms until their successors are appointed:

  • Jarrod Metzgar - Director of the Marble Falls / Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Christian Fletcher - Director of the Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation
  • Jamee Lynn Smith - Representative of the Marble Falls Hotel Motel Association
  • Mike Hodge - Marble Falls City Manager
  • William (Dee) Haddock - City Councilmember
  • Darlene Oostermeyer - Citizen of the City of Marble Falls
  • Charli Kilpatrick Tavera - Citizen of the City of Marble Falls