Floodway vs Floodplain


This is the channel of a river or stream and parts of the floodplain adjoining the channel that are reserved in order to discharge the flood water or flood flow of a river or stream.


A floodplain or flood prone area is any land that is susceptible to be inundated by water from any source. The area has been or may be covered by the 100-year flood zone.

concrete plant damaged from floodwaters

Floodplain Regulations

Floodplain regulations are enforced to protect public safety and health through sound engineering practices and efficient floodplain management techniques.

All construction in the City of Marble Falls must adhere to the adopted Code of Ordinances regarding floodplain construction. The Floodplain Administrator is responsible for examining construction for compliance with local and federal floodplain regulations.

Evaluating and Permitting Floodplains

The City of Marble Falls follows the Federal Emergency Management Agency's guidelines for floodplain permitting and the city's adopted floodplain regulation ordinance. Permitting within the floodplain sometimes requires a more detailed design and construction documents to ensure the proposed structure will conform to the adopted standards for that flood zone.

Before a floodplain permit can be issued, construction documents and plans must be submitted to Development Services for review.


The first step in flood protection is to know your flood risk! Flood risks vary from property to property, even in the same neighborhood and risks can change over time due to erosion, constructions, and other factors.

Planners, local officials, engineers, and builders use Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM maps) to determine where and how to build new developments. Residents and businesses can use the FIRM maps to learn their risk of flooding and decide the financial steps needed to protect against damage and loss.