Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for monitoring public and private property, commercial and residential, to ensure there are no violations of the city’s adopted code and ordinances. These code requirements are the minimum standards the city has adopted to protect the interests and eliminate health and safety hazards that could affect public safety, health, and general welfare.

Reporting a Suspected Code Violation
If you see a suspected code violation in your neighborhood, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer. The Code Enforcement Officer will investigate the suspected violation and decide if further action needs to be taken. Effective November 3, 2014
Residents now have the option of reporting violations online! Simply submit a Citizens Request using the Solution Center, selecting Marble Falls, Texas as the jurisdiction. You may leave the contact information blank to remain anonymous or provide contact information to receive a follow-up.

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We appreciate your help in keeping our City a beautiful and attractive place to live, visit and work.

Grass Violation- Before

Grass Before

Grass Violation- After

Grass After

Junk Violation- Before


Junk Violation-After

Junk After