WaterSmart Rebates

  1. The Lower Colorado River Authority is offering WaterSmart rebates to help residents and businesses conserve water and save money.

    Rebates of 50% of the cost, up to $600 per residential property, are available for irrigation system evaluations, pressure-reducing heads or nozzles, pressure-reducing valves and in-line regulators, soil moisture sensors, rain sensors, and smart controllers.  The program recently expanded to include pool filters, pool covers, landscape aeration, compost and mulch, and rainwater harvesting equipment.  

    LCRA offers the rebates to residents and businesses who receive water from one of its water customers, including the City of Burnet, City of Horseshoe Bay, City of Marble Falls and others.  LCRA domestic use customers are also eligible.

    The rebates cover equipment costs, not labor or tax, unless otherwise specified.  

    Visit WaterSmart.org/rebates to learn more about the rebates and to apply online.

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    Registering with WarnCentralTexas allows emergency personnel in your local community to directly contact you by phone, text or email during a disaster or public safety event. Using WarnCentralTexas, emergency response teams can warn residents about dangerous conditions and situations as events unfold. They can quickly give specific directions that affect your neighborhood such as evacuation orders and directions to shelters.  To register click on WarnCentralTexas.